LINTRAC 110 with 4-wheel-steering

ZF technology and Lindner Know-how

Lintrac combines the latest ZF continuously variable technology with a simple and practically-orientated operating concept from Lindner. The decades of experience from two companies is hereby unified in one efficient and compact vehicle. If you are looking for a high-performance tractor, which is also highly manoeuvrable; then you have found it here with Lindner.

Key Facts

Cabin Space saving cabin

The TracLink cab is designed for particularly long operating times - keeping the driver in good spirits. 

The Lintrac has a special appeal for professional grassland workers who need to be fully concentrated even during long operating hours. Cab suspension and air-seat, optimal visibility on all sides and upwards, as well as an innovative lighting concept allow for fatigue-free working in all situations. 

Engine Perkins engine

113 HP with 450 Nm of torque, unbelievably economical and free of particles.

The Perkins 3.4 l Turbo-Diesel puts out 83 kW/113 HP. It develops an enormous torque of 450 Nm at 1400 rpm with a very steep torque slope of greater than 40%. These characteristics provide powerful starting on a slope and for traction tasks. Together with the TMT11 transmission, the engine can run at a reduced speed providing very low consumption figures. Emission level 3b is achieved with the particle filter.

LDrive operation Get in and drive!

Get in and drive: Every driver is a professional with the simple control dial.

It is easy to drive the Lintrac: Start the engine, pick the direction, step on the gas and steer. Using the LDrive control dial on the armrest makes for very efficient work. If the LDrive is activated, rotating the dial sets the speed of travel in a dynamic and infinitely variable manner. Rapid selection buttons are provided for all-wheel, differential, cruise-control memory, creep function, hand & foot accelerator mode and the various driving modes.

Cockpit Clearly organised

The most important driving functions are grouped together on the LDrive controller: Function keys for Crawler mode, cruise control and foot throttle mode are at the front. The keys behind them activate all-wheel drive and the differential.
Besides the cab suspension, the driver's seat with low-frequency air suspension an the padded passenger's seat ensure comfort when driving. The side storage compartment is cooled by the air conditioning system as well. With cup holders, a cradle for a mobile phone and the compartment on the seat, there is a place for everything.

TracLink Pilot

What it could do if it had the chance? The lintrac is ready for the future.

The Lintrac 110 is the first vehicle which is ready for the highly automated driving functions of the TracLink Pilot. Cameras, GPS receiver and other sensors can be retrofitted module by module in the future. No matter when the legal framework for autonomous driving and working will be established - the Lintrac can be upgraded any time. This means that even today Lintrac drivers are already prepared for the solutions of tomorrow.

Continuously variable transmission

Light, dynamic and particularly efficient: continuously variable driving with the TMT11 from ZF. 

The TMT11 is designed to be equally efficient as the TMT09 but with its larger rear axle, it features a higher payload and lifting capacity and is designed for PTO shaft outputs of more than 110 HP. The TMT09/11 is designed for travel speeds between 20 km/h and + 43km/h. It full tractive power is available in the working range -/+20 km/h. 

Intelligent hydraulics

The high-performance power hydraulics from BOSCH supplies 88 l/min with the variable displacement pump.

The Lintrac operates with an axial piston pump that regulates the hydraulic power from 4 to 88 l/min on an infinitely variable basis. The exact oil volume needed is just what is provided. This eliminates power losses. Up to 5 EHS control units with volume setting are possible. These operate on a proportional basis and are particularly sensitive. As with all Lindner vehicles, the Lintrac has a separate oil supply for the power hydraulics/steering and the transmission.


The Lintrac is equipped with LED reversing and daytime running lights. The LEDs are very economical, and with a service life of more than 20,000 hours will last as long as the tractor. In addition, the Lintrac is equipped with extremely bright bi-halogen headlights for main and dipped beams. They are switched on and off automatically according to daylight conditions. The “coming-home function” continues to light the street for a few seconds after the engine has been switched off. Upon request, the vehicle may be equipped with very bright H7-halogen, xenon, or LED working lights. For municipal operations, extremely high visibility LED warning beacons and flashing light strips are used. The LED reverse light arch ensures that the Lintrac 110 offers optimum visibility at night. 

Sizes, weights & colours

Wheelbase: 2325mm; Segment height: 1890mm; Deadweight: 3.750kg; Max. permissible gross weight: 8.000kg; Max. axle weight rear: 5.000kg; Max. axle weight front: 3.000kg
Rear tires Front tires Max. height (A) Max. width (B) Height (C) Gauge (D)
420/85 - R38 380/85 - R24 2105 mm 2699 mm 1640 mm
540/65 - R38 480/65 - R24 2121 mm 2689 mm 1640 mm
600/65 - R30 425/75 - R20 2290 mm 2620 mm 1720 mm
420/85 - R34 380/70 - R24 2142 mm 2647 mm 1670 mm
480/70 - R34 380/70 - R24 2206 mm 2639 mm 1720 mm
540/65 - R34 440/65 - R24 3530 mm 2246 mm 2639 mm 1720 mm
600/65 - R34 480/65 - R24 2292 mm 2670 mm 1720 mm
420/85 - R38 380/85 - R24 2105 mm 2699 mm 1640 mm
540/65 - R38 480/65 - R24 2121 mm 2689 mm 1640 mm




Used equipment

Lintrac 110

Condition class: 0

Year of construction: 2018

HP: 109

Hours of operation: 800

instead of: 134.275,- €

89.000,- €