Winter service attachments

Snow ploughs, snow blowers and spreaders for winter professionals

Our attachments are convincing in professional winter service. Vario and side snow ploughs are available in various widths and blade heights, manufactured by Hauer. The notching mechanism of the Lindner snow ploughs is particularly practical. This means that the snow ploughs automatically avoid obstacles such as manhole covers.

Lindner technology also pays off with snow blowers. Thanks to the largely mechanical power transmission with a low hydrostatic share, the efficiency of the continuously variable transmission is particularly high. The mechanical PTO shaft delivers full engine power to the attachment without loss. The snow blower can be swivelled and tilted with one hand using the joystick on the armrest.

Side snow plough SRS-2L powered by Hauer

Two-part light snow plough for professional use in lighter snow conditions.

  • Two-piece plow with flared blades
  • Hydraulic side adjustment, double pressure relief valve protected
  • SRS - snow plow protection for professional applications
  • Height-adjustable skid shoes with impact dampers
  • Lockable pendulum compensation
  • Bolted cutting edge made of hard-wearing tempered steel (450 HB)
  • Warning flags
  • Short oil hoses with couplings
  • Massive side deflectors (replaceable)
  • Adjustable drop rate control
  • Automatic leveling function
  • LED side lights
Side snow plough SRS-2L

SRS-2L options

  • Steplessly height-adjustable elastic wheels
  • Steplessly height-adjustable skid shoes
  • Snow clearing rubber edge
  • Snow dust curtain
  • GU 200 /50 rubber fabric edge
  • Küper S36 edge
  • Hydraulic 14°/14° left/right angling
SRS-2L Zusatzausstattung
SRS-2L Zusatzausstattung
SRS-2L Zusatzausstattung

Variable snow plough VS-L powered by Hauer

Two-piece Vario snow plow for clearing intersections, roads with driveways and squares.

  • Two-/three-piece snow plough with flared blades
  • Hydraulic blade control from a regular hydr. system (2 da spools)
  • Hauer control box included
  • hydr. protection by pressure control valves and accumulator
  • Lift and press feature with adjustable top link
  • Pressure spring protection, 2 pressure levels
  • Height-adjustable skid shoes
  • Lockable pendulum compensation
  • Bolted and hard-wearing cutting edges made from tempered high-performance steel (450 HB)
  • Warning flags
  • LED side lights
  • Short oil hoses with couplings
Produktbild Varioschneepflug VS-L

VS-L options

  • Steplessly height-adjustable super elastic wheels
  • Steplessly height-adjustable skid shoes
  • Snow clearing rubber edge
  • Hydraulic blade control system incl. Comfort control box for independent blade control (requires only 1 da spool)
  • Hydraulic blade control system incl. Professional control box for individual blade control in opposite direction – ploughing function (requires only 1 da spool)
  • GU 200 /40 rubber fabric edge
  • Küper FK-S edge
  • Hydraulic 14°/14° left/right angling

Salt and gravel spreader TS-2 powered by Hauer

  • Separate auger and vane drives; 1 hydraulic motor for each (requires 1 da spool)
  • Manual spreading pattern control by adjusting the deflector
  • Manual spreading rate and width control via spools
  • V4A stainless steel vanes and deflector
  • Galvanised auger and hopper grid
  • Strong, galvanised and paint-coated hopper base
  • Full-width rubber curtain protects the tractor
  • High-quality, long-lasting and low-energy LED road lights
Produktbild Salz- und Splittstreuer TS-2

TS-2 options

  • TS-W proportional micro-processor based control irrespective of forward speed (requires a standardised signal socket or a speed sensor)
  • Forward speed sensor for proportional TS-W control irrespective of ground speed (required in lack of signal socket)
  • Electronic proportional TS-N control for straightforward spreading rate and width control
  • Electric spreading pattern control
  • Hydraulic auto emptying system (requires 1 extra da spool)
  • Tarp cover
  • Remote oil supply by pto pump
  • V4A stainless steel auger
  • Work lights (require TS-N / TS-W)
TS-2 Zusatzausstattung
TS-2 Zusatzausstattung

Snow blower KFS 650 & KFS 750 powered by Kahlbacher

With a drum diameter from 650 to 750 mm and a width of 2200 to 2500 mmthe KFS snow blowers can be used in many different ways. From pavement clearing and inner-city use through to frontal snow clearing, they guarantee the best results. Equipped with automatic overload protectionand hydraulic or PTO drive, they are the right solution for every task.

Further mounting options

The attachments presented here are only a small sample of what's possible. Thousands of Unitrac and Lintrac units in municipal applications prove the versatile combination possibilities of vehicle and attachment. In order to make your dream combination a possibility, simply ask your trusted dealer for a non-binding offer.


Weitere, beispielhafte Anbaugeräte am Unitrac

TracLink for winter professionals

The TracLink system includes many useful functions to facilitate your work and traceability. As an ideal solution to keep a constant eye on your fleet, the included telematics system records the lane and other vehicle data (e.g. spreader and plough). In addition, useful information such as recommended PTO shaft speed, control, recommended hydraulic litre capacity, etc. are displayed on the Lindner ICB monitor in combination with the device recognition. You get these and other useful functions with a TracLink package.

TracLink on ICB monitor with snow thrower & spreader.

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