The Lintrac shows its strengths in mountain and grassland.
The Lintrac combines the features of a tractor, slope mower and yard loader in one vehicle. Perfect maneuverability thanks to 4-wheel steering, extreme slope capability up to 60% incline due to a low center of gravity of less than 850 mm (Lintrac 90), front loader capability, full traction for trailer transport and field work, an economical and powerful engine.
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    Lintrac LS

    Lintrac LS

    The power of a new genereation
    The Lintrac LS range currently consists of three models, ranging from 76 to 112 hp. The technical highlights of the tractors are the panoramic comfort cab, cab suspension, vibration control, the front hydraulics or the powerful active hydraulics with separate oil management. The new Level 5 Perkins Syncro engines are used in these.


    The Lintrac LS combines particularly high-quality components in a compact and manoeuvrable tractor for mixed-type farms. The powershift transmission from ZF-Steyr transmits the power of the 4-cylinder Perkins Syncro engine to the land perfectly. The 4-speed PTO facilitates work at low speeds. The separate oil supply of the Bosch hydraulics with a capacity from 55 to 80 litres protects the transmission from contaminated oil from the attachments. The original Lindner front hydraulics are available in axleor fuselage-fed variants and can be equipped with EFH equipment relief. As an option, all Lintrac models can be fi tted with the compact comfort clear view cab (standard with 75 LS & 95 LS) or the spacious TracLink clear view cab.

    Comfort cab

    The slim cab pillars provide maximum all-round visibility. The slim cab pillars provide maximum all-round visibility.

    ZF transmission with high performance

    The Lintrac LS is fi tted with a ZF Steyr Power2 powershift transmission. 16 forward and 16 or 8 reverse gears are also installed. The standard 4-speed PTO can optionally be extended with an electro-hydraulic shaft clutch.

    EHR with vibration control

    The electronic hoist control (EHR) is equipped with automatic traction and position control (AHC), which facilitates highly even ploughing. Road driving with rear-mounted devices run particularly smoothly thanks to the vibration control.

    Cockpit - ergonomic comfort

    Via the central info panel with I.B.C. display (intelligent on-board computer), which is part of the standard equipment of the Lintrac LS, a large number of functions can be displayed and operated.

    Cabin suspension

    The mechanical cabin suspension, combined with the Grammer air seat with low-frequency suspension, ensures back-friendly working comfort.

    Axle and front hydraulics

    The reinforced original Lindner front hydraulics with 2500 kp lifting power is equipped with a support on the gearbox housing as standard from 100 hp. This allows for winter services with snow ploughs to be undertaken without problem. The Lindner front axle has a particularly robust design and, with twin tyres, can handle the toughest jobs on steep slopes. Axle-guided front hydraulics with EFH device relief are available as an option.
    Lintrac LDRIVE

    Lintrac LDRIVE

    Unbelievably agile
    The Lintrac is the fi rst continuous standard tractor with a steering rear axle to achieve incredible manoeuvrability. The best elements of the tractor, slope mower and farm loader are combined in one effi cient vehicle concept. The ZF stepless technology, combined with the intuitive and practically oriented operating concept from Lindner, makes the task at hand as simple as possible.


    The Lintrac combines the features of a tractor, slope mower and farm loader in one vehicle. Perfect manoeuvrability, thanks to 4-wheel steering, extreme slope capability for inclines of up to 60%, which results from the extremely low centre of gravity of less than 850 mm on the Lintrac 80, front loader capability, full traction for trailer transport and fi eld work, an economical and powerful engine and the easy-to-use LDrive operation. The TMT09 is the fi rst continuously variable transmission to have been specifi cally developed for PTO powers above 90 hp. Compact and light construction was key to this. The transmission is particularly effi cient due to the largely mechanical power transmission with low hydrostatic content. The driving speed is stepless, with reduced rpms. The 4-speed rear PTO shaft with start-up control works at either 430/540/750/1000 rpm (Lintrac 80 and 100) or 540/750/1000/1400 rpm (Lintrac 130). The TMT11 is just as effi cient in design, but thanks to the larger rear axle it is capable of a greater payload and lifting power and is designed for PTO powers of over 110 hp.

    Power-split transmission with variator

    The secret of the effi ciency of the continuously variable TMT 09/11 lies in its power transmission, which is predominantly mechanical. The multi-branched powershift transmission is supplemented by a compact and economical 45cm3 hydrostat.

    Incredibly maneuverable

    The Lintrac is extremely manoeuvrable, even without a steering rear axle. Thanks to the compact wheelbase and 52° front steering angle, it is able to achieve a turning circle diameter of 9.5 m. With 4-wheel steering, an unbelievably small turning circle diameter of less than 7 m is possible. The rear wheels can be steered through up to 20°. „Crab steering“ is also possible.

    LDrive: Get in & drive away

    Driving the Lintrac is simple: start the engine, choose the direction of travel, accelerate and steer. The LDrive rotary control on the armrest makes the job particularly effi cient. If the „LDrive“ is activated, the speed of travel can be set by the rotation of a dial in a dynamic and stepless manner. There are speed selection buttons for all-wheel drive, differential, cruise control memory, creep function, manual throttle & foot throttle mode and all different driving modes.

    The joy of power & torque

    The Perkins turbo-diesel with a displacement of 3.6 litres delivers 74.4 kW/101 hp in the Lintrac 80 and 85.9 kW/117 hp in the Lintrac 100. It offers an enormous torque of 450 Nm at 1500 rpm with a very steep torque increase of over 40%. The new 3.6-litre Level 5 Perkins turbo in the Lintrac 130 has an output of 100 kW/136 hp and 530 Nm. These characteristics ensure a high torque start-up on slopes and when pulling. In conjunction with the TMT transmission, the engine can operate at reduced speed, making it particularly fuel-effi cient.

    I.B.C.-Monitor PRO

    With the new Touch I.B.C. monitor PRO, Lindner brings the quality of a luxury sedan to the stepless tractor. Drivers can expect easy-to-understand menu guidance and a robust design for demanding tasks.

    Equipped: rear hoist with 4-speed PTO, front hydraulics with EFH and front PTO. The Lintrac is available with

    The Lintrac is available with either fuselage- or axle-fed front hydraulics. With EFH equipment relief, a uniform mowing result is achieved even in diffi cult terrain, at speeds up to 17 km/h. The reinforced frame block facilitates the use of a front loader or a side attachment plate. The rear hoist with a lifting force of up to 4900 kp is available with EHR and vibration control. The PTO shaft and hoist are operated at the fender
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