The Lindner TracLink system turns your vehicle into the most intelligent vehicle in its class: TracLink supports the operation of all attachments. The electronic logbook relieves the maintenance and documents the use of equipment and routes. TracLink ensures an perfect overview of the cost and consumption data.

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Device recognition & telematics

The TracLink system includes many useful features that will make your job easier and more traceable. It is the perfect solution to keep an eye on your vehicle fleet. The included telematics system records the traffic lane and other vehicle data (eg. Winterservice, spreader and plow).

In addition, useful informations (mounting instructions, recommended PTO speed, recommended hydraulic capacity, control and so on) are displayed on the Lindner IBC monitor *. These are tapped directly from the vehicle and transmitted to the TracLink system. Your data is stored there securely and available to you in real time for analysis and evaluation purposes. You can get informations about the status of your vehicle via an alarm manager by e-mail or SMS. This creates trust from which you can benefit - in form of a guarantee extension at top conditions. Secure the all-round protection for your Lindner vehicle now. Therefore we have extended the warranty options once again: up to 6 years* (up to 4,000 operating hours) after first registration or commissioning.

* available on certain models (e.g., Unitrac 112 LDrive)

Device detection

Device detection

In order to connect devices from various manufacturers to the TracLink system, the attachment is provided with a TracLink chip. This enables data transmission between the device and the vehicle or TracLink. The driver approaches the device, this is automatically recognized by the system and a connection and operating help is displayed on the IBC (Intelligent Board Computer).

Device detection

The driver will see the PTO gear, the necessary hydraulic couplings and the individual control of the unit.

Integration of spreader control

The integration of many established operator terminals of various spreader manufacturers in the TracLink system is possible. As a consequence even complex sensors on the device for example spread rate control or road temperature detection can be integrated. Data transmission according to DIN-EN-15430 Data interface in the vehicle.

Traffic Safety Check

When all devices and the vehicle are connected to each other via the TracLink system, the driver is informed that the vehicle is in a safe condition and that the prescribed equipment or protective cover is present.

Operating hours

With the TracLink system operating hours of the attachments can be recorded in detail. This makes it easy and quick to see the working time of  the attachment. As a result maintenance or service of the attechments are possible timely . When the attachment is rented, the time used can be very easily calculated by the detailed recording of the working time.

Weight Detection

By connecting individual devices with the TracLink system, it is possible to calculate and display the exact axle load. This total weight calculation also includes the connected equipment. As a result the actual filling weight of e.g. manure or road salt can be included into the measurement.



Vehicles equipped with the telematics functions of the TracLink can be located in real time. In addition the current driving speed, a digital logbook, digital mission documentation, performance reports and all vehicle information (engine speed, hydraulic control units, AdBlue, tank level, current fuel consumption, PTO status, outside temperature, active fault codes, service info, operating hours and mileage ) can be accessed.

It is possible to integrate other vehicle manufacturers in the TracLink system. 

As a result the user has an perfect overview on his vehicle fleet.

Analysis & Documentation

The TracLink portal provides you a comprehensive surface- and customer administration. Use a few clicks on the map to define mission areas for your city or other customers. You can focus on your work and TracLink evaluates the electronic logbook for you afterwards. As an example: You can easily create monthly billing statements for winter service missions - including all of the important informations about the working time, the ploughed area and the amount of salt. Scattering logs can be made on your own in a few simple steps and printed out at any time.


Due to the exact documentation in the TracLink portal, a variety of statistics on the used vehicles and equipment can be created. Including the total operating hours and -kilometers as well as the average fuel-, AdBlue- or grit consumption.


The TracLink system automatically displays active error codes as soon as problems crop up. In addition, warnings can be specially configured and optionally sent by email or SMS. In this way various actions such as reached customers, maximum speed or information on coming service can be created.

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Trac Link Variations Work free from worries for up to 6 years.

Start confident in the future - warranty extension with TracLink

If you wish to protect yourself from unexpected repair costs in addition to the statutory warranty, you can extend the warranty for new Lindner vehicles up to 3 years and for the Unitrac 112 LDrive up to 6 years with a maximum running time of 4,000 operating hours.

The only requirement: You order TracLink when you buy the vehicle.

General warranty policy

Request detailed TracLink warranty policies

TracLink portal

The TracLink portal clearly displays all information transmitted by telematics, irrespective of whether you are sitting in the office or working from a mobile device. All movements are clearly displayed on a map including all important mission informations - in real time. TracLink creates a digital logbook. You will see current consumption values, application data and levels of equipment or grit. You can recognize maintenance stops early and plan your operations ideal. With TracLink you work with unprecedented efficiency!

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TracLink Pilot

What he could, if he is allowed to. The TracLink Pilot system offers a variety of highly automated driving functions – a range from following another vehicle driverless to the automaticly driving along cutting edges. In order to be ready for the future already today, the latest model of the Lintrac series - the Lintrac 110 - can already be orderd with "TracLink Pilot Ready".

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TracLink Pilot Laser

The TracLink Pilot Laser allows the driver to focus on the handling oft he attachments - because the vehicle automatically keeps the track between the grapevines. In cooperation with the Lower Austrian start-up PAS (Peschak Autonomous Systems), we developed the TracLink Pilot Laser.

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