The Lindner TracLink system means that the Unitrac 112 LDrive is the most intelligent vehicle in its category: TracLink provides support with the use of all attachments. The electronic logbook makes maintenance easier, and documents the use of equipment and routes. TracLink ensures an ideal overview of costs and consumption data.





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Integration of TracLink system partners

The TracLink system can be used to integrate many common operator terminals from equipment manufacturers. This means even sophisticated sensors can be integrated on the device for activities such as monitoring spread rates or recognising track temperatures.

TracLink portal

The TracLink portal clearly shows all information that has been transferred by UNITRAC telematics. Regardless of whether you are in the office or working on a mobile end device. All trips are clearly shown on a map including important usage information - and all in real time. TracLink generates a digital logbook. You can see current, important consumption data, usage data, and fill levels of operating equipment or grit. You can quickly recognise maintenance stoppages and ideally plan usage. Achieve new levels of cost-efficiency with TracLink!

Usage documentation

The TracLink portal provides comprehensive acreage and customer management tools. Define application areas on the map with just a few clicks for your municipality or for other clients. You can concentrate on work, and TracLink subsequently evaluates the electronic logbook for you. This means, for example, that monthly statements can easily be created for winter maintenance operations - with all necessary information regarding application time, area cleared, and the quantity of salt applied all clear to see. Scatter logs can be effortlessly created and also printed out at any time.

TracLink in Unitrac

Device detection, connection and operation guide, service display, and TracLink system operating data can be directly displayed and operated in the IBC monitor. All important information needed in drive mode is directly available in the cockpit.