Lintrac special editions

For a wide range of applications

In order to meet the special needs of professionals, we offer the Lintrac in various special designs - for cutting work on slopes, preparing cross-country ski trails or for people with physical disabilities.

Lintrac with Noremat

Together with the French company Noremat, Lindner has developed special Lintracs for the maintenance of roadsides. The specially designed driver's cab guarantees perfect visibility while the embankment mower with articulated arm works to the side of the driver. A polycarbonate disk is installed on the right side. If a stone hits the windscreen, the driver is protected.


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Lintrac mit Noremat-Böschungsschneider im Einsatz.

Lintrac as a cross-country trail equipment

Winter hiking and cross-country skiing are becoming more and more popular - especially in tourist regions. Particularly important here is the excellent preparation of paths and cross-country ski runs. Hikers and winter sports enthusiasts must be offered the highest quality standards. Compact and non-slip surfaces are in demand. Now Lindner offers a specially equipped Lintrac that is tailor-made for this work. With the dozer blade and the cutter, winter hiking trails can be optimally maintained. This device combination, supplemented by two pressure plates, can be used as ideal trail equipment for cross-country skiing trails. The continuous Lintrac is now also available with caterpillar tracks. Nothing stands in the way of perfect cross-country ski trail preparation.


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Loipenspurgerät Lintrac im Wintereinsatz auf schneebedeckter Straße

Lintrac for wheelchair users

Due to its compactness, its continuously variable transmission and its overview, the Lintrac is ideally suited for special modifications for people with physical handicaps. For drivers in wheelchairs or with physical limitations, Lindner has implemented some special modifications. The range extends from the lift technology with swivel seat to the radio accelerator.


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