The practical application calendar has been concepted for daily consumption levels. One has the opportunity to enter their activities, dates and appointments here. This provides the professional user with an overview of their work on the farm and prevents them from forgetting any appointments or work schedules. The refuelling intervals and daily work with the tractor can also be recorded in the application calendar. This function is a central point within the Lindner Community because recording working hours and refuelling stops can use the consumption statistics, and one has the opportunity to participate in the fuel-saver championship. Country lore Weather phenomenon has been monitored for hundreds of years and summarised in simplified mnemotechnic verses, the so-called "country lore". Sometimes they hit the nail on the head, other times they make you smirk, but they are always quite interesting. The application calendar has one such, appropriate verse for the user every day

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User report

Lindner has had more than 35,000 customers for more than 60 years with tractors and transporters of the traditional Austrian brand. Please send us a user report and show us how you use your Lindner product in a working environment.

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Consumption statistics

Stay well informed! On this page, the user can calculate their own, personal consumption based on the number of recorded refuelling stops. One can immediately see how much fuel was consumed for which activities. The diagram also allows different months to be compared with one another. The user can also add in the proportion of light and heavy work to their refuelling stops in order to receive a more accurate evaluation. From these figures it is possible for the consumption statistics to not only calculate the average consumption, but also a weighted average consumption.

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Find Neighbours

Find your neighbours

Here´s to a good neighbourhood The "Friend Function" is called Neighbours in the Lindner Community. If one enters a tractor or transporter driver as a neighbour, then this provides the benefit that one can send them simple messages and one can view their entries (in the forum or in the group) easily without having to e.g. clicking through the group first. It gets more interesting when numerous neighbours participate in the fuel-saver championship. As this creates the real possibility for comparing your consumption values with those of your neighbour. One example for this is when one is operating the same Geotec as a neighbour, then the fuel-saver championship can turn into a tense head-to-head race. The consumption diagrams can be overlayed and one can also see who is leading in the fuel-saving race.


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