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Lintrac 130 is Machine Of The Year 2020

Strongest Lindner tractor in the range
With an engine capacity of 3.6 litres and a performance of 100 kW (equivalent to 136 bhp) as well as 550 Nm of torque, the Lintrac 130 is the most powerful tractor offered by Lindner. “The Lintrac 130 is the big brother of the Lintrac 110 and the continuously variable successor of the Geotrac 4 model.” This allows all of the devices for the Geotrac 124 and 134 to be used without modification. Thanks to the close collaboration with Perkins, the engine is so compact that it fits into the small engine bay inclusive of the particle filter and the exhaust after-treatment system.

2nd generation of continuously variable TMT11-ZF transmission
Lindner has further developed the continuously variable TMT11-ZF transmission used in the Lintrac 110. The high-traction mode increases traction to up to eight kilo newtons. Another key feature of the Lintrac 130 is its rear hydraulic system with 4,900 kp of hoisting power. Our target group – high-usage professional meadowland farmers – can now optimally work with two mowers, larger rotors and rakes as well as bail presses,” David Lindner emphasises. The maximum permissible weight will be eight tonnes and the Lintrac will also be available with a top speed of 50 km/h. In additional to the farming model, there will also be a municipal version.

Other technical highlights: Control of the 4-wheel steering is integrated into the armrest, as standard. The high-performance operational hydraulic system from BOSCH with a variable displacement pump has a capacity of 88 l/m (100 l/m optional). The required volume of oil is always pumped. The front-end hydraulic system is available with EFH and EFD. The electronic front-end pressure regulation controls lift and pressure when working with the snowplough.

Lindner is big on comfort
A major contribution to driving comfort in the Lintrac 130 is made by the TracLink cab, which has been upgraded for long stints at the wheel. The cab is also available with pneumatic suspension and a high-comfort seat. The spring-mounted front axle is standard in the 50 km/h model.

TracLink Smart for agriculture
The TracLink system makes the tractors and transporters manufactured by the family-owned and Tyrol-based company Lindner the most intelligent vehicles in their respective classes. The range of smart options extends from TracLink mobile – the telematic solution for your pocket – via the TracLink Pilot-ready package to the TracLink Pro, which relies on RFID readers and identification chips.

The latest innovation is the TracLink Smart for agriculture, which Lindner has developed in conjunction with ZF Friedrichshafen and recently presented at Agritechnica. TracLink Smart is being deployed for the first time in the Lintrac 130. The latest innovation: Every piece of agricultural equipment can be marked with a TracLink Smart tag. The Lintrac then identifies via Bluetooth which device is being used. The automatic device identification captures every type of operation in detail without the driver have to perform any configuration work. The flow rate of the hydraulic oil, the revs of the engine and power take-off shafts as well as the driving mode are then automatically adjusted. This makes fuel savings of up to 15 percent possible.

Comprehensive performance documentation and helpful tips
The TracLink portal provides detailed documentation of the vehicle’s operating times. This allows records of operating times to be generated and used as a basis for subsidy applications. Yet another highlight: The mobile end device providers the driver with specific tips based on weather forecasts, regulations and special rules, and therefore a completely new dimension in terms of operational knowledge. TracLink Smart will be available in the Lintrac 130 from mid-2020.The new Lintrac 130 received the award "Machine of the Year 2020" at Agritechnica.