Lindner factory exhibition in Kundl

From Thursday, March 16 to Saturday, March 18, 2023 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Lindner invites you to the factory exhibition in the innovation center in Kundl. Visitors to the factory exhibition can find out first-hand about the extremely manoeuvrable Lindner product range, which is extremely suitable for slopes, and of course they can also take a test drive. On March 15, the Municipal Forum for the Alpine Region will be all about the question of how municipalities can adapt to climate change.

Lintrac 80: At home on steep slopes
The stepless Lintrac 80 from Lindner combines the advantages of a tractor, slope mower and farm loader in one vehicle. The extremely slope-capable model, which is tailor-made for work with the axle-guided front hydraulics, can handle gradients of up to 60 percent in continuous use. The steering rear axle ensures above-average manoeuvrability. The turning circle radius is only 4.20 meters with 4-wheel steering. The center of gravity of the 2.40 meter high tractor is less than 85 centimeters and is therefore very low. A stage 5 Perkins Syncro turbo diesel engine is used, which has an output of 74.4 kW (102 hp).

Lintrac 100: stepless all-rounder
Another highlight is the Lintrac 100: the stepless all-rounder shows its strengths when mowing, haymaking or with the front loader. The Perkins Syncro engine meets clean and economical level 5. It delivers 86 kW (117 hp) off-road. The torque is 500 Nm at 1,500 rpm. The very steep increase in torque is more than 40 percent. The 4-speed PTO including start-up control works with either 430 / 540 / 750 or 1,000 rpm. The 4-wheel steering promises maneuverability. In practice, the new Lintrac 100 achieves a turning circle diameter of 7.8 metres.

Experience the Lintrac LS up close
Fans of manual transmissions will also get their money's worth and have the opportunity to get an idea of the Lintrac LS series. The Lintrac LS series combines the best of Lintrac and Geotrac: manoeuvrability, driving comfort and the powerful hydraulics of the Lintrac paired with the well-proven ZF powershift transmissions from Steyr. The performance spectrum ranges from 76 to 112 hp.

Transporter for grassland professionals
122 hp, a torque of 500 Nm at 1,500 rpm: That's what the continuously variable Unitrac 122 LDrive delivers off-road. A highlight of the transporter, which is very easy to operate, is the Lindner ZF continuously variable transmission. The multi-circuit hydraulics have a variable displacement pump that delivers up to 88 l/min. The Gruber ALW 328 loading wagon is a model for the Unitrac 122 LDrive with a particularly large capacity of 28 m3. The loader wagon is also perfectly adapted to the 4-wheel steering of the Unitrac. It makes the transporter from Kundl extraordinarily manoeuvrable, even on steep terrain. Another highlight of the Unitrac 122 LDrive is the high-performance chassis. Thanks to independent wheel suspension and hydraulic suspension with level control, ground contact is guaranteed on uneven terrain.

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