Lindner Traktoren

The Traktorenwerk Lindner in Kundl is the last remaining Austrian family-run company that has successfully asserted itself for more than half a century.

Technology and Innovation

Technology Centre

The new technology centre was opened in Kundl in 2008. It is the operative interface between Lindner, their customers and international development partners. The premises, in which 48 employees work, is designed as a low-energy building and is equipped with a computer controlled sun screening and climatic system. The development hall, technical offices as well as Marketing & Sales are incorporated in the building. Company Chairman Hermann Lindner: "The state of the art building is an investment for the future and should reflect our technological leadership to the world. We do not require any fossil fuels in the new building."A ground water heat pump provides heating and cooling. The room ventilation is controlled by presence and CO2 sensors."

Innovation Centre

Lindner opened a new innovation centre in Kundl as a multi-functional Sales, Training and Customer Centre in 2014, in which particularly high levels were set for sustainable design. The building materials used originated from the region and the energy-saving components enabled the building to achieve standards which almost be compared to a passive house. A photo-voltaic facade generates environmentally-friendly electricity for the lighting with especially economical fluorescent tubes and LED spotlights. A highlight in the new building is the Lindner-Museum with its Innovation Gallery: Lindner exhibits some of the highlights from more than 65 years of company history in the gallery. "The spectrum on show encompasses the past era of vintage tractors up until the exciting, interactive elements of today", explained Marketing Manager David Lindner.

Familiy-company with tradition

Innovation and pioneering spirit were already company principles back in the days of our grandfathers, and they still apply today for the success of our tractor works. We are constantly striving to react accordingly to changes in agriculture, as well as remaining flexible for the requirements from the farmers. Technology, attention to detail, a well-conceived price / performance ratio and the best possible service for our customers are always to the forefront. Reliability and tradition are the trademarks of Lindner Tractors in Austria. This, among other reasons, is why the name of Lindner is so strongly represented in Europe. (f.l.t.r.) KR Mag. Hermann Lindner, Rudolf Lindner, Ing. Stefan Lindner.