Unitrac 92 P5

Whether for clearing snow, as a sweeper, mower, for disposal or transport; the Lindner Unitrac is a versatile complete equipment carrier. Manoeuvrable and economical on the road, soil-conserving in grassland farming and safe in the field. The pioneering technology is equipped with a unique chassis concept and is therefore ready for every conceivable requirement: independent suspension, disc brakes, hydraulic suspension with level control, permanent all-wheel drive, load-switchable differential locks and much more.

Key Facts

Cab Tiltable comfort cab

Optimum all-round visibility: You can see everything: the front working area through the heatable panoramic windscreen and a clear view on the sides through the large glass doors with wide-opening sliding windows. The rear-view mirrors with integrated additional indicators are electrically adjustable and heated. The large rear window gives you an overview of the rear attachment areas.

Comfort equipment: Take a seat in the comfortable driver's or co-driver's seat with numerous adjustment options. The side armrest allows precise and fatigue-free operation of the hydraulic joystick. 3-point belts and high backrests are standard equipment in the municipal package. The storage compartments in the control desk are perfect to store your keys and mobile phones. Generous door nets offer additional storage space. The Unitrac is optionally available with air conditioning, which is installed in the cab roof to save space.

Toolless tipping

For maximum ease of maintenance, the entire cab can be tilted sideways by 50°. The tool-free hydraulic tilting mechanism makes the engine and transmission compartment freely accessible in just a few simple steps. The safety hydraulic cylinder prevents unintentional closing of the tilting mechanism. In the engine compartment there is also a safety strut with which the cab can be locked. This is stowed away and protected against vibration during the drive and is ready at a moment's notice.

Engine Perkins Syncro

The 4-cylinder Perkins Syncro Level 5 turbo diesel engine in the Unitrac 92 P5 delivers 74.4 kW/102 hp and 430 Nm of torque at 1,500 rpm. With common rail injection, particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), it achieves exhaust emission level 5 of the Euro standard. Due to the particularly high throughput power of the engine, the vehicle meets the toughest requirements of professional use.

Perkins high-performance unit

  • more power
  • more torque
  • more capacity
  • lower consumption
  • less exhaust
  • less noise and vibration
  • easy to maintain
Perkins Synchro-Motor Stufe 5

Particulate filter

The Unitrac 92 P5 is equipped as standard with a closed particle filter system. 99.9% of fine particles are collected in the filter. The filter system is virtually maintenance-free.


The Unitrac 92 P5 with common-rail engine in combination with the particulate filter received the "green badge" for inner cities in Germany.


PTO clutch at the push of a button

The PTO clutch for front, centre and rear PTO shaft is integrated in the control lever at the push of a button. A selection between 540 and 1,000 rpm can be made for the middle and rear PTO shaft. The speed of the optional front PTO is 1,000 rpm.


Differential locks at the push of a button

The vehicle has permanent all-wheel drive. The standard longitudinal and rear differential lock can be operated electro-hydraulically at the touch of a button. Optional: front differential lock.

Split transmission

The Unitrac 92 P5 is equipped as standard with a fully synchronised 16/16-speed split transmission and a design speed of 40 km/h. Optionally, the design speed is 50 km/h.





With its 32 gears, the split transmission offers the right gradation for every application. The main work areas are switched in the terrain group. The high torque means that slow downhill driving can be mastered without frequent gear changes. In the road group, the higher gear ratio keeps the engine speed and thus the consumption low.

Hydraulics 2-circuit hydraulics

The Unitrac 92 P5 is equipped with a powerful 2-circuit hydraulic system with comfort operation. The simultaneous use of front and rear mounted equipment, such as snow ploughs and grit spreaders, is therefore possible without impairing the performance. The 50-litre hydraulic oil supply and a hydraulic output of 85 l/min (front circuit: 36 l, rear circuit: 49 l) enable a wide range of hydraulic functions to be driven side by side. The working pressure is 180 bar.

Front & rear circuit Front circuit

The front hydraulic circuit can be conveniently operated via a joystick. In the front mounting space there are two double-acting control units (one of them with float position). If a snow plough or front hydraulics are mounted on the attachment bracket, then these can be operated with the joystick with just one hand. In combination with the front PTO shaft, mowers or snow blowers can be driven, for example.

Rear circuit

For the rear hydraulic circuit, three control units are available as standard. 1x EWS, 1x proportional (oil motor, e.g. for scraper floor / grit spreader drive) and 1x DWS. Operation is carried out at the push of a button. The rear circuit can be optionally extended to include up to four single-acting or two double-acting control units.



The vehicle is equipped as standard with a 2-circuit brake system, four front disc brakes (two of which are internally ventilated) and two rear disc brakes. Less pedal pressure and reduced heat build-up increase comfort and safety. Optionally, the Unitrac can be equipped with an eddy current brake. The optionally available, patented safety lock acts directly on the service brake and ensures stability on steep terrain. The Unitrac 92 P5 is available ex-works with an air brake system.

  • Six disc brakes
  • Eddy current brake (optional)
  • Compressed air brake

High-performance chassis 4-wheel steering

High-performance chassis: The Unitrac chassis concept has already proven itself in over 3,000 vehicles, in grassland farming and as municipal equipment. Independent wheel suspension and hydraulic suspension cylinders with diaphragm accumulators in conjunction with the rotating part between the front and rear frame, guarantee optimum suspension comfort with maximum off-road mobility. Due to the rotating vehicle frame, all four wheels have constant contact with the ground and the highest possible traction. The standard mechanical level control ensures maximum tipping stability in difficult terrain. Due to the relatively small spring travel of the system, the upper edge of the loading area is particularly low, despite the large tyres fitted.

4-wheel steering: The Unitrac 92 P5 is optionally available with 4-wheel steering. The comfort reserves and safety acoustics make operation easy and comfortable. The 4-wheel steering system can be switched off in each wheel position. The system automatically locks the rear axle steering as soon as the wheels are back at the zero point. Various acoustic signals alert the driver to dangerous situations. This means that even inexperienced drivers are always safe on the road.

High-performance axles

High-performance axles: Thanks to 4-star planetary axles, the Unitrac 92 P5 can permanently withstand even high axle loads. The maximum permissible axle loads are 4200 kg at the front and 4400 kg at the rear. Steering rods, brakes and drive shafts are integrated in the steering knuckle. The closed axle base protects the moving components from damage in rough terrain.

Hydraulic suspension: The Unitrac 92 P5 has patented hydraulic suspension with level control. Despite extreme off-road mobility, the suspension comfort is almost on par with that of a car and complies with the EU Directive 'Vibration at the Workplace' (2002/44/EC).

Equipment at a glance


Wheelbase 2,660 mm (U 92 P5) or 3,160 mm (U 92 P5 L)

Tiltable comfort cab

Hydro-rubber-mounted, free-view comfort cab with doors (OECD-tested), can be tilted sideways, deep, heatable panorama windscreen, two side mirrors electr. adjustable and heated, additional turn signals on side mirror, two windscreen wipers with interval switch, comfort seats, sun visor, radio console with radio preparation, 12-volt mobile phone plug, turn signal reset, heating, three-speed fan, door locks, ergonomically shaped control panel, VDO central info board, interior lighting; additional high beam and low beam, comfort entrance

High-performance chassis

All-wheel tractor, independent wheel suspension, hydraulic suspension with level control, longitudinal differential lock and rear differential lock electro-hydraulic at the push of a button, main battery switch electric, optional: front differential lock, 4-wheel steering with comfort reset, 7.5 t or 8.5 t maximum permissible gross vehicle weight


16/16 split transmission, 40 or 50 km/h, electro-hydraulic power take-off clutch at the push of a button, rear/mid PTO: 540/1,000 rpm, optional front PTO: 1,000 rpm


2-circuit brake system, four front disc brakes (two internally ventilated), two rear disc brakes, optional: eddy current brake


2-circuit hydraulics with comfort operation, load-sensing system, oil tank capacity: 50 l; rear circuit: three standard control units: 1x EWS, 1x proportional (oil engine), 1x DWS; hydraulic power 85 l (front circuit: 36 l, rear circuit: 49 l)

Standard tyres

425/55-R17 Mitas


Unitrac 92 P5 EN

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Used equipment

Unitrac 102 Kommunal

Condition class: 2

Year of construction: 2011

HP: 102

Hours of operation: 2800

95.900,- €