Geotrac 64ep

Unique in Mountainous Areas...

The Geotrac 64 ep provides 76 bhp, the maximum torque is 318 Nm at 1,400 rpm. A 16/8 gear ZF-Steyr fully-synchronised reversing gearbox is installed in the 64 ep series. The unladen weight runs to 3,200-3,300 kilograms and maximum height 2.38 metres. The 64 ep series is the new generation of the Geotrac 64.


With its wide safety glass doors, the GEOTRAC Panorama Comfort Cab is easy and comfortable to climb into. Slender cab pillars allow maximum panoramic view.
The front loader clear vision screen ensures an optimal view all the way to maximum unloading height. For working heavy sunlight, the clear vision screen can be completely covered with a sun screen. A sun visor is also included for added operating safety. The opening windscreen, a wide opening rear window, opening side window and the additional footwell heating and ventilation guarantee comfortable working environment. The GRAMMER comfort seat with comes as standard. In GEOTRAC 64ep even with comfortable pneumatic suspension. The 4-point adjustment of backrest, seating surface and neck suports make the seat comfortable for any driver. The passenger seat is position so that the driver is not restricted in its work. Under this is a practical storage compartment. Optionally, an Iso-Fix bracket is available for child seats.

Fresh Air & Air Conditioning

With the model GEOTRAC 64 ep is for additional comfort an optional air conditioning system available. The air recirculation system has a power of 5 kW and reaches an air speed at the nozzles of around 8 metres per second. This guarantees the fastest possible cooling of the cab. As the condenser and evaporator are integrated into the roof, the engine radiator system is not overloaded. The structural height of the cab for the series remains unchanged.  Hot air rises - cold air sinks. Therefore, the heating is down below and the fresh air fan at the top of the cab.Therefore, a pleasant working environment can be achieved, even without air conditioning.

More Safety

Lindner has implemented a particularly innovative safety concept for the GEOTRAC Series 4 Alpin. The passenger cell is designed as a ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure). Therefore, the driver is protected both if the tractor rolls over on a slope and from falling objects, for example during use in forestry work. Therefore the GEOTRAC 64 ep already meets the future applicable safety guidelines for forestry usage.

 With the electronic manual throttle two different engine speeds can be stored. Therefore, after turning on the control end, the optimum working speed is quickly resumed.

Engine Perkins Power

In the GEOTRAC 64ep, an economical 4-cylinder turbo diesel with common rail injection is used. The unit provides 76 bhp / 55 kW and 318 Nm torque. If needed the engine speed can be regulated on the rear wing. For example, therefore, a manure mixer can be operated particularly securely and precisely. The one-piece bonnet of the 4-cylinder model with gas pressurised cylinders is comfortable to open. Info: The engines of GEOTRAC Series 4 Alpin are manufactured at PERKINS in Peterborough / England. The power packages comply with the latest exhaust criteria are characterised by an enormous increase in torque. The key engine features are optimised together with Lindner running in all load ranges.

Engine speed limiter

The ep engine speed limiter provides the highest efficiency when operating the Geotrac ep. The maximum engine speed is capped. The programmable engine speed range is set between 1,200 and 2,300 rpm. Sensitive attachments will be therefore protected and fuel can be saved by reduced engine speeds. An electronic hand-operated throttle with two programmable buttons is also available as standard. An example for a mower: the driver switches on the required engine speed for the attachment via a controller. When the tractor reaches the end of the field and turns, the driver presses the button with the stored engine speed. The optimum working speed is quickly resumed automatically. The hand throttle can be used as a cruise-control via the rotary control (potentiometer).

Particulate filter

The particulate filter is an additional significant development with the new Geotrac ep. The Geotrac ep is equipped with a particulate filter and therefore fulfils the requirements for emission level 3B. The particulate filter is installed as a concealed unit to suit the tractor professional. The only, optical alteration: the exhaust tail pipe is located on the right hand side of the Geotrac ep. An additional benefit is the very long maintenance cycles for the filter, they only need to be cleaned every 3,000 operating hours. The automatic regeneration is carried out every 30 to 50 operating hours. The operator can continue to work normally during this function. The driver can interrupt or block the regeneration process at any time by pressing a button.


The GEOTRAC 64ep is equipped as standard with the 2-way power shift transmission from ZF-Steyr with 16 forwards and 8  reverse gears. Due to the forced-feed lubrication the gearbox can work efficiently even on longer usage on slopes. Slopes do not affect the gearbox lubrication. An electro-hydraulic PTO shaft clutch with remote control is available on the wing for GEOTRAC 64ep too, as desired. Info: The gearbox of the GEOTRAC Series 4 Alpin are manufactured in a special assembly plant of ZF in Steyr / Austria for Lindner. The workers their set great store by precision manufacture to achieve one thing: Quality – Made in Austria.  Due to the 4-point power take-off, the optimum PTO rotation is achieved at low engine speed. That saves fuel, spares the attachments and considerably improves the efficiency.

Hydraulics BOSCH-Rexroth-technology with Lindner know-how High-Performance Hydraulic

The GEOTRAC 64 ep is equipped with BOSCH-Rexroth high performance hydraulics with separate  oil supply and an output of 50 l/min. The 2-circuit system is equipped with separate pumps for transmission, steering and working hydraulics. For especially demanding jobs, an optional professional version with a 70 l/min output is available (pump aggregation). The GEOTRAC 64ep comes standard with two double-acting control units with floating position. These load-sensing control units can be supplemented with up to two control units. All hydraulic connections are equipped with high quality hydraulic couplings. The optional Multicontroller is for operating the front-end loader,hydraulics and Power-Shuttle. Microswitches allow the operator to switch between different hydraulic functions. Info: The hydraulic components of the GEOTRAC come from Bosch-Rexroth in Germany. Due to a particularly intensive development cooperation the control panel for the EHR and EFH, as well as the adjustment of the controllers have been further improved. Never before has a hydraulic system with equipment relief has been so simple to operate. Info:With the multicontroller the most important hydraulic functions need to operated with one hand without grasping around. That guarantees safety and increases operating comfort. The Multicontroller is manufactured at a special components factory of Bosch-Rexroth in France.  The separate oil management of the GEOTRAC works as an efficient 2-circuit system for steering and work hydraulics and for the gear oil requirements. So no contaminated oil can get from attachments into the gearbox.

Front Axle

The GEOTRAC comes standard with a Lindner high performance front axle that has a maximum permissible axle load of 3,000 kg. With a 52° steering angle and turning circle diameter of 8.0 to 9.3 m, the tractor is extremely manoeuvrable. An optional 4-wheel drive shaft brake with safety lock is available. This system stops uses both the manual brake and service brake to stop the vehicle on aslope This feature provides maximum safety on steep terrain when the engine is shut off.The GEOTRAC 64 ep can optionally be equipped withfront PTO. The PTO runs at 1000 RPM. The optionally available front hydraulics with collapsible lifting arms are especially rugged. It is characterised by a compact design in spheroidal cast iron. In the reinforced design with rear axle supporting GEOTRAC 64 ep thelifting power is 2500 kg. An integrated equipment unloading is available for protecting the add-on equipment. With the EFH, the support pressure add-on equipment is automatically controlled. Therefore higher usage speeds and optimum pasture quality are possible.  The reinforced Lindner front hydraulic system is designed with a support on the rear axle. Instead of the lifting arms an attachment plate can be fitted. That makes the winter service with snow ploughs unproblematic.

Achsgeführte Fronthydraulik

Hotspots I.B.C. Zentralinfoboard

The new central display instrument with I.B.C.display combines the transparent displayof dial instruments with an intelligent digitaldisplay matrix. In the matrix, the digital drive speed, PTO speeds, time, usage time per day or working process and batteryvoltage and the service display are shown transparently. In the 4-cylinder models the fuel consumption computer is also displayed. Also information on power shift gear levels and direction of travelof the power shuttle can be read off from the display. Thevarious functions of the I.B.C. display can be operatedin the GEOTRAC 64 ep using function buttons. The brightness of the display can be adapted to the light conditions. In so doing, the driver is not dazzled during the night and the display can also be read off in bright sunlight. The I.B.C. central information board informs the drive about the state of the engine, gearbox and hydraulics. Info: The IBC central info board is manufactured with precision work in Switzerland. As the digital displays have  been legally prescribed in Switzerland for some time, the Swiss engineers have the most experience of sensitive vehicle electronics.  With the fuel consumption display in the GEOTRAC 64 ep, more efficient driving can be learned. The driver sees which engine speed is needed to achieve optimum fuel consumption.


In the new GEOTRAC Series 4 Alpin, simple and economical maintenance is highly valued. The engine compartment is easy to access. All top-up holes and maintenance points on the vehicle are easy to access. Continuous service intervals of only every 500 hours are needed. An economical Lindner service package, containing all the necessary replacement parts, is available for each interval. All servicing work can be done without computer. The Lindner service centre can therefore replace tyres or calibrate adjustments to the gearbox quickly and without complication. 

 Lindner guarantees a supply of partsfor at least 30 years for each vehicle. Common parts are also available for longer. Therefore, a Lindner tractor can be used for several generations.

Light Innovative Light Concept

The GEOTRAC is the first tractor to be equipped with the most modern LED technology. Modern bi-halogen and ellipsoid headlights plus 2 rear working lights ensure optimal lighting under both dim and dark skies. Turn signals and side-marker lights are integrated onto the sides of the cab.Optional additional halogen and XENON working lights are also available. GEOTRAC 84 ep is equipped as standard with high luminosity bi-halogen headlights.The 4 ellipsoid roof-mounted headlights provide reliable lighting when front equipment is attached. LED reverse lights - Because light-emitting diodes have an extremely long life up to 20,000 operating hours, reverse and brake lights last virtually the entire life of the tractor itself and are nearly maintenance-free. Info: Normal headlights have two different thickness of filament for full and dipped beam. In the bi-halogen technology, the same thickness of bulb always illuminates. When
changing from full to dipped beam, a mirror directs the light  and forms a dipped or full beam in front of the vehicle. The illumination is always optimum.  Light Emitting Diodes Use Less Energy and have a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours of usage. So the LED rear lights of the GEOTRAC last nearly the life of the tractor. 

Dimmensions Geotrac 64ep

Max. permissible gross weight: 5300 kg, permitted rear axle load: 3300 kg, premitted front axle load: 3000 kg, wheelbase: 2237 mm, Segment height (F): 1754 (*1724); Cab can be lowered by a max. 20 mm (central tunnel). (** Limited use of rear chains)
Rear tires Front tires Max. height (A) Max. width (B) Height (C) Gauge (D)
380/85 - R24 340/65 - R18 3415 mm 1866 mm 2316 mm 1464 mm
480/65 - R24 340/65 - R18 3406 mm 2019 mm 2319 mm 1556 mm
380/85 - R28 365/70 - R18 3437 mm 1897 mm 2365 mm 1496 mm
420/85 - R28 365/70 - R18 3520 mm 1911 mm 2361 mm 1496 mm
480/65 - R28 365/70 - R18 3430 mm 2031 mm 2367 mm 1556 mm
540/65 - R28 375/70 - R20 3442 mm 2083 mm 2388 mm 1556 mm
380/85 - R30 335/80 - R20 3516 mm 1974 mm 2397 mm 1576 mm
320/85 - R32 340/65 - R18 3538 mm 1768 mm 2358 mm 1476 mm

Used equipment

Geotrac 94ep

Condition class: 1

Year of construction: 2015

HP: 102

Hours of operation: 250

instead of: 127.713,- €

100.200,- €