Geotrac 134ep

The most powerful tractor in company history

The Geotrac 134 ep has a standardoutput of 133 HP / 98 KW - continuously when performing heavy pulling. During light-duty transport work or when operating in the PTO mode, a maximum output of 144 HP / 106 kW is available. A torque of 560 Nm guarantees enormous pulling force at all times.

Cab Optimum visibility with innovative safety concept

Thanks to the wide safety glass doors, it is easy and comfortable to climb into the panorama comfort cab. LED-based cab lighting guarantees safe access to the cab in the dark. Maximum visibility has been achieved by pushing the B-pillar as far back as possible. The design of the cab has been strongly influenced by the optimal visibility offered by a helicopter. The wide-opening rear window, adjustable side windows and the 3-speed fresh-air blower guarantee a pleasant working environment. Automatic climate control assures a comfortable room temperature. The filter housing on the cab roof is easily accessed with the aid of the rear hydraulics.

Unobstructed visibility

The innovative high-visibly front-end loader windscreen provides a wide field of vision for front-end loader operations. Unobstructed visibility from the ground to the maximum lift height. A sunshield integrated into the roof shell protects against direct sunlight. The sliding sunshield can also be used to cover the high-visibility window completely. The new panorama rearview mirrors with wide-angle field of view are electrically adjustable and have heaters in both sections of the mirror. The image from the rearview camera is displayed on the IBC inside mirror. Up to 2 heated infrared rearview or side cameras that display on the IBC monitor are available for use by pros in challenging situations.

Comfort and safety

The high-visibility windows are sealed especially carefully to prevent engine noise from entering the cab. When the windows are frosted over in the winter, the standard windscreen heater ensures unobstructed visibility in seconds. In addition, it provides pleasant radiant heat from the front. The standard ultra-bushed bearings and the hydro-mechanical cab suspension ensure driver comfort. Pneumatic cab suspension that guarantees ideal driver comfort during long work days is optionally available in conjunction with the compressed-air system. A particularly innovative safety concept has been implemented for the cab. The passenger cell is designed as a ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure). With this high safety standard, the driver is protected both if the tractor rolls over on a slope and from falling objects, for instance, during use in forestry work. In addition, the entire front glazing is made of LSG (Laminated Safety Glass) in order to protect against objects breaking through from the front.

Cockpit Ergonomic work environment

The cockpit is designed for optimal driver ergonomics. All controls are arranged in islands, softly illuminated and ergonomically arranged around the driver. The comfort steering wheel can be adjusted in height and angle. The GEOTRAC can be equipped with an optional hi-fi audio system that includes an integrated Bluetooth hands-free speaking unit. The headliner is made from high-quality materials and features integrated reading lights and powerful stereo loudspeakers to underscore the living room-like character of the cab. The always-on ambient LED lighting ensures that all important controls can be located quickly at any time, even in the dark – comfort like that found in a luxury limousine. The radio console is located in view of the driver. Several air vents allow the driver to adjust the fresh-air flow to his needs. Everything within reach The multi-function armrest with 5-button joystick is used to operate the front-end loader or front hydraulics and to control the hydraulics. Microswitches provide  access to various functions such as shuttle or automatic EHR. On request, an expanded multi-controller joystick with 9 function buttons is available to operate powershifting as well as comfort shifting at the push of a button. The Pro-Comfort-seat with low-frequency air suspension from GRAMMER is a standard feature. The 7-position adjustment of backrest, seating surface, lumbar support as well as headrest and armrests make the seat comfortable for any driver. A practical document compartment behind the backrest provides an easily reached storage area. The folding passenger seat with recessed seat belt provides adequate seating comfort during longer trips by two individuals. The new seat cover comes from the motorcycle sector, can be washed and withstands harsh use. If the passenger seat is not used, part of the seating surface can be stowed. Access to the hand brake lever is assured under all circumstances. The storage compartment on the side provides adequate space for provisions. The readily accessible cup holder behind it can even accommodate a 1.5 litre bottle. Lindner driver sunglasses ensure safe operation even in strong sunlight.

With the aid of the EP speed limiter, the Geotrac Series 4 ep can store the maximum engine speed. If the limit is set to 1900 RPM, for instance, up to 1 litre of fuel can be saved per operating hour.

Cooling package

The large air grille and air channels ensure optimum cooling. The radiators are sized to allow easy cleaning without having to be swung out. Demand-driven viscous fans are standard. By rotating the fan blades, the air grille is blown clean at regular intervals. Gas springs make opening the one-piece engine bonnet especially easy and safe

Engine Perkins Power

The GEOTRAC 134 ep is powered by a PERKINS 4-cylinder turbodiesel with common-rail injection and charge-air cooling. During transport work or when used in applications requiring only little force, the engine remains in the ECO mode. When needed, maximum power is available within a fraction of a second. Power is adjusted dynamically to what is required for the application. As a result, the Series 4 ep models operate with optimised fuel consumption in every power range. The Geotrac 134 ep has a standard output of 133 HP / 98 KW - continuously when performing heavy pulling. During light-duty transport work or when operating in the PTO mode, a maximum output of 144 HP / 106 kW is available. A torque of 560 Nm guarantees enormous pulling force at all times.


The 4.4-litre engines are manufactured by PERKINS in Peterborough / England. They comply with the latest exhaust criteria (Stage 3b) and are characterised by an enormous increase in torque. The particulate filter technology used ensures that no additional fluids are necessary.

Engine speed limiter

The ep engine speed limiter provides the highest efficiency when operating the Geotrac ep. The maximum engine speed is capped. The programmable engine speed range is set between 1,200 and 2,300 rpm. Sensitive attachments will be therefore protected and fuel can be saved by reduced engine speeds. An electronic hand-operated throttle with two programmable buttons is also available as standard. An example for a mower: the driver switches on the required engine speed for the attachment via a controller. When the tractor reaches the end of the field and turns, the driver presses the button with the stored engine speed. The optimum working speed is quickly resumed automatically. The hand throttle can be used as a cruise-control via the rotary control (potentiometer).

Particulate filter

The particulate filter is an additional significant development with the new Geotrac ep. The Geotrac ep is equipped with a particulate filter and therefore fulfils the requirements for emission level 3B. The particulate filter is installed as a concealed unit to suit the tractor professional. The only, optical alteration: the exhaust tail pipe is located on the right hand side of the Geotrac ep. An additional benefit is the very long maintenance cycles for the filter, they only need to be cleaned every 3,000 operating hours. The automatic regeneration is carried out every 30 to 50 operating hours. The operator can continue to work normally during this function. The driver can interrupt or block the regeneration process at any time by pressing a button.


Gearbox - Made in Germany

ZF High Power Transmission

The ZF 4-stage powershift gearbox provides 32 forward and 32 reverse speeds. It is possible to select 30, 40 or 50 km/h. In the 40 km/h version, engine speed is limited to 1650 RPM at the highest speed. This provides a maximum speed of 43 km/h at optimum fuel consumption. Four-stage powershifting with automation function (APS) is standard. The powershift stages are selected automatically by the vehicle's intelligent electronics. The system also allows manual gear selection. If necessary, the APS can be limited to two or three powershift stages (6 programs are available). For especially heavy-duty jobs, the Lindner engineers have developed the Speedmatching mode. In this mode, engine output is used up to the maximum RPM and the optimum powershift stage (with maximum power availability) is selected when shifting gears. Powershift reverse (Power Shuttle) can be operated by means of the driving direction lever on the steering wheel or via the multi-function armrest. The response of the power shuttle is adjustable (5 stages) via the IBC monitor: The buttons for the standard comfort clutch (CS) and automatic group shifting (FRRS) between road and field are located on the gearshift lever. If desired, a 48/48-speed version with creeper mode is available. In this mode, a minimum speed of 290 m/h is possible. An optional travelling PTO shaft is also available. The heavy-duty rear PTO shaft offers 4 PTO speeds (540, 540E, 1000, 1000E). This permits operation at the engine speed with optimum fuel consumption whatever the application. The PTO start-up controller permits selection from among three start-up curves, depending on the power required by the attachment. The PTO shaft is operated from the control console in the cab or by means of the remote control located at either of the two rear wings.

The 4-point power take-off allows the optimum PTO shaft speed to be achieved at low engine speed. This saves fuel, spares the attachments and improves efficiency considerably. 43 km/h is achieved at a reduced speed of 1750 RPM.

High-Power Hydraulics

BOSCH-Rexroth technology with Lindner know-how

BOSCH-Rexroth high-performance hydraulics with separate oil supply and an axial piston pump for an output of 121 ltr/min with a 45-litre oil supply. The 2-circuit system with a separate pump for gearbox, steering and work hydraulics for especially demanding and economical use is available with the Lindner-Powerlink connection as an option. This load-sensing system is extremely efficient and economical, since only the amount of oil needed at any one time is supplied. The Geotrac 134 ep comes standard with two electronic control units on a multi-function armrest and one mechanical control unit with detent. The electronic control units can be adjusted via the Lindner I.B.C. monitor. The driver has infinitely adjustable control of flow rates and can program time intervals, the floating position or blocking. In addition, priorities can be specified for all electric control units. This allows the driver to establish the sequence in which hydraulic power is supplied to the control units. All hydraulic connections are equipped with especially high quality hydraulic couplings. Every connection has its own leakage oil container.

Separate oil management on the GEOTRAC utilises an efficient 2-circuit system for gearbox and steering + work hydraulics. As a result, it is not possible for contaminated oil to get from attachments into the gearbox. The axial piston pump supplies only the exact amount of oil needed - this reduces fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Front Axle Unbelievably manoeuvrable with 50° steering angle

A high-performance front axle with a maximum permissible axle load of 3800 kg comes standard. A sprung front axle with individual wheel suspension is available as an option. At speeds up to 50 km/h, the hydraulic suspension provides optimal stability and a smooth ride. The system ensures maximum comfort during use for heavy-duty transport. Level control permits infinitely adjustable raising or lowering of the front axle by 20 cm. In this way, the ground clearance can be increased when necessary, for instance, during forestry work on almost impassable sunken roads. Coupling attachments with especially low attachment points is not a problem when the hydraulic suspension is lowered.

Front hydraulics

A powerful front PTO is available as an option. The PTO shaft speed is 1000 RPM. Integrated PTO start-up control ensures smooth, efficient and safe transmission of power. On request, Lindner can provide front hydraulics with folding lift arms having a lifting capacity of 3500 kg. Remote control with especially sensitive response through use of an electric proportional valve can be integrated into the hydraulic block upon request. Components for the front hydraulics are manufactured from solid castings and can thus withstand extreme loads. A beam bolted to the gearbox block protects the GEOTRAC against high impact from the front. A mounting bracket can be fitted to the Lindner front hydraulics with a few simple motions to permit attachment of a snow plough. To protect attachments while retaining optimum driving comfort, EFH (electr. front lift control) with load relief and vibration damping is available as well. The system is just as easy to operate as the rear hydraulics. Upward and downward reach can be limited from the clearly organized control console. Lift speed is infinitely adjustable. Vibration damping is activated instantaneously at the touch of a button. Attachment load relief can be controlled conveniently from the multi-function armrest.

I.B.C. Monitor and inside Mirror

Easy to use and full information

All vehicle information is displayed clearly on the standard Lindner I.B.C. monitor (Intelligent- on-Board Computer). The low-reflection special-glass screen can be read easily even in direct sunlight. Navigating in the computer menu is easy and intuitive thanks to illuminated function buttons and the rotary knob. A variety of functions can be displayed and controlled via the Lindner I.B.C. monitor. What is displayed on the monitor can be changed, depending on the information needed. In addition to basic information such as RPM, vehicle speed, indicators and time, the screen can also display the optional rearview or side camera, be switched to fuel consumption display or to hydraulic settings display. Operation of the most important functions is described step-by-step in the Help menu. Fine adjustment of the EHS hydraulics is made via the Lindner I.B.C. monitor. All electronics in the vehicle can be checked via the monitor and the most important information messages retrieved at any time. The innovative I.B.C. inside mirror can display the rearview camera as well as GPS data on its integrated screen. Using the integrated hands-free speaking unit, a mobile phone can be used safely during operation.


Innovative Light

ConceptThe GEOTRAC 134 ep features an innovative light concept to meet the demanding requirements of professional users who have equipment in continuous operation beyond normal working hours. The GEOTRAC is the first tractor to be equipped with the most modern LED light technology. Because light-emitting diodes have an extremely long life of approx. 10.000 operating hours, daytime driving lights as well as reverse and brake lights last virtually the entire life of the tractor and are nearly maintenance-free.

The GEOTRAC 134 ep comes standard with powerful H7-bi-halogen and HB3 ellipsoid headlights. 6 front primary headlights plus 2 rear working lights ensure optimum illumination under both dim and dark skies. The 4 front roof-mounted headlights provide reliable illumination when a snow plough or other equipment is attached. Halogen and XENON working lights are available as an option for precision illumination. For winter service and municipal use, rotating beacons and an aerodynamic light bar are available. The optional infrared rearview camera gives the driver the ability to see even in the dark. The cameras are watertight, shock resistant and heated. This makes them ready to use under any weather conditions and even at freezing temperatures.


In the new GEOTRAC Series 4, simple and economical maintenance is highly valued. The engine compartment is easy to access. All top-up holes and maintenance points on the vehicle are easy to access. Continuous service intervals of only every 500 hours are needed. An economical Lindner service package, containing all the necessary replacement parts, is available for each interval. All servicing work can be done without computer. The Lindner service centre can therefore replace tyres or calibrate adjustments to the gearbox quickly and without complication.

Lindner guarantees a supply of parts for at least 30 years for each vehicle. Common parts are also available for longer. Therefore, a Lindner tractor can be used for several generations.



Dimensions Geotrac 134ep

Deadweight: 4.850 kg, Max. permissible gross weight: 9.000 kg, max. axle weight rear: 6.600 kg, max. axle weight front: 3.800 kg
Rear tires Front tires Max. height (A) Max. width (B) Height (C) Gauge (D)
540/65 - R38 480/65 - R24 4230 mm 2317 2769 mm 1800 mm


Used equipment

Geotrac 114 ep

Condition class: 2

Year of construction: 2013

HP: 133

Hours of operation: 3100

79.500,- €


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