Unitrac 72ep


Optimal all-round vision: You have everything in your field of vision: The front working space through the heatable panoramic windscreen, and no side unobstructed vision through the doorless sides. The rear view mirror with integrated additional indicators can be electrically adjusted and heated. The large size rear window affords a clear view of the rear attachment spaces. Comfort equipment: Take a seat on the comfortable, waterproof driver’s or co-driver’s seat with numerous adjusting possibilities. The lateral armrest allows accurate and non-tiring operation of the hydraulic joystick. 3-point belts and high backrests are part of the series equipment with the municipal package. The utility compartments in the operating panel are very practical for keys and mobile telephones.  As an option, the Unitrac 72 ep is available with an air-conditioning system which is accommodated in the cab roof to save space.

Comfortable access

Comfortable access

Comfortable access has always been a trademark of Lindner. The large glass doors allow comfortable access to the spacious and clearly arranged comfort cab.

Ergonomically designed interior

The steering wheel can be individually adapted to the driver through height and inclination adjustment. Important vehicle information such as travelling speed, engine speed, tank content, cooling water temperature and all indicator lamps is clearly displayed on the central information board. In addition to the total and daily operating hours the time is also displayed. All control levers and switches are optimally positioned around the driver. Switches and displays in the Unitrac are illuminated.

Safety acoustics

Safety acoustics

In addition to the various visual displays the driver is provided with safety related vehicle information through acoustic signals. The driver is warned of hazards by the intelligent vehicle electronic system and can therefore concentrate on the operation. Incorrect use is avoided.

Roof console

Roof console

Radio and tachograph can be positioned in the roof console within easy reach. Storage compartments for vehicle documents or sunglasses are located behind the sun visors. Reading lamps for driver and co-driver are integrated next to the interior lighting.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection The Unitrac 82 operates throughout the year. Especially in winter the vehicle is exposed to gravel and road salt. For this reason the entire vehicle frame and the comfort cab are painted employing the particularly resistant KTL process. Battery box, fuel tank and an optionally available toolbox are manufactured from non-corroding plastic.



The front hydraulic circuit is comfortably operated by way of a joystick. On request, this can be assigned with several functions through microswitches. As an option, the control units of the rear hydraulic circuit can also be operated with the joystick.

Cable gland

Cable gland

A special cable gland is included in the series scope of the Unitrac. It makes it possible for various cable connections to be routed into the cabin – without water, dust or noise entering.

Hydraulic cap mounting

Hydraulic cap mounting

The comfort cab is mounted on 4 hydraulic rubber elements and particularly low in vibration as a result. The encapsulation of the cab produces a quiet workplace. Comfort is similar to that provided by a passenger car.


The 4.4 litre Perkins turbo diesel in the UNITRAC 82 ep provides 64 kW/87 bhp and 368 Nm torque. Due to the mechanical injection system, the engine is particularly maintenance-friendly. Due to the particularly high throughput power of the engine, the vehicle meets the hardest requirements of professional use.

Advantages of the new engine

  • more Power
  • more torque
  • more cubic capacity
  • less consumption
  • less pollutants
  • sound and vibration reduction
  • maintenance friendly

Particle filter

The UNITRAC 72 ep is available with a closed particle filter system. 99.9 % of fine particles are collected in the filter and eliminate by electrical reburning. A diesel additive ensures that even the smallest particles are bound into the filter and can be burnt off at regular intervals. The dosage of the additive and the regeneration phases are determined automatically by the system. The filter system is therefore virtually maintenance free. The UNITRAC 72 ep with common rail engine has obtained the "green plaque" for inner cities in Germany in connection with the particle filter.

Engine speed limiter

The ep engine speed limiter provides the highest efficiency when operating the Unitrac. The maximum engine revolutions are capped. The programmable engine speed range is set between 1,200 and 2,300 rpm. Sensitive attachments will be therefore protected and fuel can be saved by reduced engine speeds. An electronic hand-operated throttle with 2 programmable buttons is also available as standard. Hand throttle 1 is operated with the rotary wheel and hand throttle PLUS enables one to store a second engine speed. The transport professional is therefore equipped for every application.


PTO coupling push button controlled

The comfort operation for front, middle and rear PTO shaft coupling is new. PTO shaft coupling via push button is integrated in the operating lever. In the case of middle and rear PTO shafts it is possible to choose between 540 and 1000 rpm. The speed of the optional front PTO shaft is 1000 rpm.

Push button operated differential locks

The vehicle is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. The series inter-axle and rear differential locks and the optionally available front differential lock can be push-button operated under load.

Splitter box

The Unitrac 72 ep is equipped with a fully synchronized 16/16-speed splitter box as standard. As an option, 20 forward and reverse speeds including super crawler speed version (400m/h) are available. The optional design speed is 30 km/h.

Transmission ratios

With its 32 or 40 speeds the splitter box offers the correct ratio for any application. The main working ranges are shifted in the off-road range. Slow downhill travel can be accomplished without frequent speed change because of the high torque. In the road range, engine speed and consequently consumption are kept low through the higher transmission ratio.


The Unitrac 72 ep is equipped with a powerful 2-circuit hydraulic system. The simultaneous loading of front and rear implements such as snow plough and grit spreading device is possible without power interruption as a result. 50 litre of hydraulic oil reserve and a hydraulic output of 78 l/min allow the simultaneous drive of a large number of hydraulic functions. The working pressure is 180 bar.

Front circuit & Rear circuit

Front circuit

The front hydraulic circuit is comfortably operated by way of a joystick. To this end, 2 double acting control units (one of which with floating position) are provided in the front attachment space. If a snowplough or a front hydraulic is mounted on the attachment plate these can be operated by way of the joystick single-handedly. In combination with the front PTO shaft for instance mowers or snow blowers can be driven.

Rear circuit

A single-acting control unit and a proportional double- acting control unit (e.g. for scraping floor/grit spreading drive) are available as standard for the rear hydraulic circuit. Operation is by push button. As an option, the rear circuit can be expanded with one to four single-acting or two double-acting control units.



 As standard, the vehicle is equipped with 4 inside and 2 additional outside disc brakes. Low pedal pressure and reduced heat development increase comfort and safety. As an option, the Unitrac 72 ep can be equipped with eddy current brake and exhaust brake. The optionally available patented safety lock acts directly on the service brake and ensures secure holding in steep terrain. The Unitrac 72 ep is available  with an airbrake system ex factory.

  • 6 Disc brakes
  • eddy current brake
  • airbrake
  • hydraulic trailer brak


The UNITRAC is equipped as standard with the LINDNER POWERLINK System. This Load-Sensing-Connection enables the drive unit function for external attachments with the maximum hydraulic performance. The POWERLINK-Connection is especially suited for complicated attachments such as e.g., sweepers or technically-elaborate vacuum vessels. As all control units are integrated in the bodywork for the Load-Sensing-Design, only three lines need to be connected on the vehicle. The equipment is operated conveniently by using the additional, electronic console in the cab.

High performance chassis 4-wheel steering

High performance chassis: The patented Unitrac 82 chassis concept has already proved its worth in more than 1,000 vehicles in agricultural and municipal operation. Independent suspension and hydraulic spring cylinders with diaphragm storage units guarantee optimum suspension comfort with maximum possible off-road capability in conjunction with the rotating part between front and rear frames. The rotating vehicle frame ensures that all four wheels are continually in contact with the ground and provide maximum possible traction. The mechanical level control provided as standard ensures maximum anti-toppling stability in difficult terrain. As a result of the relatively low spring travel of the system the load surface upper edge is particularly low despite large tyres.

4-wheel steering: The Unitrac 82 is optionally available with 4-wheel steering. Operation is simple and comfortable through comfort resetting and safety acoustics. The 4-wheel steering can be switched off in any wheel position. The system automatically locks the rear axle steering as soon as the wheels have returned to zero point. Various acoustic signals inform the driver of dangerous situations. This ensures that even inexperienced drivers always operate safely.

High-performance axels

Because of the 4-star planetary axles the Unitrac 82 ep can permanently withstand even high axle loads. The maximum permissible axle weights are 4200kg at the front and 4400kg at the rear. Steering linkage, brakes and drive shafts are integrated in the steering knuckles. The closed axle base protects the moveable components from damage in rough terrain. Suspension: The Unitrac 82 ep is equipped with a patented hydraulic suspension with level control. Despite extreme offroad capability the suspension comfort is almost of passenger car level. The Unitrac 82 ep already meets the stringent EU Directive for Vibration Exposure at the Workplace (2002/44/EC) which applies to all working equipment in municipal use from 2011 and all agricultural equipment from 2014.

Equipment a summary


Wheelbase 2,600 mm (U 72 ep) or 3,100 mm (U 72 ep L)

Tipping comfort cab

Hydraulic rubber mounted clear vision comfort cab, lateral tilting facility, heatable panoramic windscreen, side mirrors electrically adjusted and heated, additional indicator and side marker lamps on side mirror, windscreen wipers with intermittent operation, comfort waterproof seats, sun visor with stowage compartments, radio console with radio preparation, 12 volt mobile phone connector, indicator resetting, heating, ergonomically shaped operating panel, VDO central information board, automatic interior lighting; reading lamps for driver and co-driver, working headlights H4 top;

High performance chassis

All-wheel drive, independent suspension, hydraulic suspension with level control, inter-axle differential lock and rear differential lock by way of push button operated electrohydraulics, optional: differential lock front, 4-wheel steering with comfort resetting


16/16 splitter box, 30 or 40 km/h, PTO shaft coupling, electrohydraulically via push button, PTO shaft rear/middle: 540/1000 rpm, optional: Front PTO shaft 1000 rpm


2-circuit brake system, 4 disc brakes front (2 interior ventilated), 2 disc brakes rear, Optional: Exhaustbrake, eddy current brake, safety lock, airbrake system;


2-circuit hydraulics with comfort operation, load-sensing system, oil tank capacity: 50l; REAR

Series tyres

15.0/55-17 Conti Traction Farmer




Used equipment

Unitrac 75 L

Condition class: 2

Year of construction: 1997

HP: 75

Hours of operation: 3500

49.500,- €