Lintrac as cross-country trail equipment

With the new special Lintrac, Lindner offers an optimal tractor for the maintenance of cross-country and hiking trails in the cold season. Thanks to 4-wheel steering, ideal manoeuvrability is achieved when working with snow chains or crawler tracks.

Brillant ski technique

Winter hiking and cross-country skiing are becoming increasingly popular - especially in touristic areas. Of

particular importance for this is the excellent preparation of trails and tracks. The highest quality standards

must be offered to hikers and winter athletes. Compact and non-slip surfaces are what‘s needed.

Lindner offers the specially equipped Lintrac, which is tailor-made for this work. The levelling blade and tiller

make it easy to maintain winter hiking trails. Complemented by two pressure plates, this device combination

is the ideal track device for use on cross-country skiing trails. The stepless Lintrac is available with caterpillar

tracks - so you can be sure of perfect cross-country grooming.

Perfect for cross-country skiing professionals

With the 12-way clearing blade and the follow-on cutter, the paths can be cleared and prepared for the hikers. This device combination, supplemented by two pressure plates, can be used as ideal trail equipment for cross-country skiing trails.

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Cross-country tiller

With the post-tiller for tractors, it is possible to discover and design new areas of application in addition to the conventional preparation of cross-country ski trails, toboggan runs and winter hiking trails.

  • Post-tiller for agricultural vehicles in accordance with 2006/42/EG
  • Category II (1-3/8“ 6Z) suspension with stand incl. CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Track plate kit:
    incl. track plate version for shallow snow (30 mm), track underside made of impact-resistant, ice-resistant plastic

Plough blade

The unique plough blade RS12-320 ideal for grooming in combination with cross-country tillers. With its

12-way functionality, it is ideal for shifting large quantities of fresh snow or artificial snow dumps.

  • 12-way plough blade: 
    Blade width 320 cm (open) 280 cm (closed); Blade height 70 cm
  • Three-point connection execution


With the special cross-country trail design of the Multicontroller in the Lintrac, all hydraulic movements for the 12-way blade, as well as the master functions of the follow-on cutter can be carried out with one hand without reaching around - comfort for the operator as in a snow cat.

Rear power take-off

The management functions of the Lintrac allow the rear PTO shaft to be switched off and on automatically from a certain lift height of the rear hydraulics.

The tiller switches itself off at the right moment when the machine is lifted out and starts up gently again when the machine is lowered thanks to the start-up control.