Unitrac Agricultural

powered by Gruber

The perfect combination: Forage wagon ALW 3 and Manure spreader ASM 2 by Gruber together with the Lindner Unitrac. Both series are equipped with: 5-row oscillating pick-up, 1.8 m, pulled • hydraulic scraper floor and hydraulic rear wall • cutting unit with up to 14 blades • TAC conveyor channel control • in-built overload clutch • designed for all-wheel steering • choice of 3 sizes: 17 - 20 - 24m²

Forage wagon ALW 3

Models: ALW 317, ALW 320, ALW 324

The smooth, plastic-coated sliding top is adjustable for optimal crop flow. Edge walls enable swift unloading. The upper structure can easily be adjusted to the desired height using a crank. The hydraulic rear wall controlled from the cab comes as standard. The sliding top is adjustable for optimal crop flow. Roofing with extremely flexible special ropes, retracts back into the initial position again, after release.


The oscillating pick-up with a width of 1.8 m adapts perfectly to the terrain thanks to the 3-point bearing and doesn‘t lose contact with the ground, even in extreme situations. Tandem-Feeler wheels with a large depth enable it to follow the cont-ours of the ground precisely. Ball bearing-mounted lateral guidance also maintains increased side pressure. The hinged pick-up rungs conform perfectly to the transverse movement and prevent crop spillage. The spring spike drum with five centrally supported rakes, hardened steel bearing bushes and individually replaceable double spring teeth is a high-quality German product.

Cutting unit

The 14 blades, which are specifically positioned for efficiency, provide the best quality cut with little effort. Each 8 mm-thick blade is individually inserted and can be conveniently installed/removed on standing.


Terrain Active Control

The patented conveyor channel control provides a continuous conveyor channel width, i.e. the raised pick-up never sticks even with a fully packed conveyor channel. Smooth longitudinal and transverse movement of the pick-up is guaranteed in all situations.

Scraper floor

Extremely non-slip scraper floor with galvanised rails U 50/25 made of ST 70.3 special steel. The chains are conveniently tensioned from the front. Hydraulic drive via Danfoss oil motor with gearbox.

Loading system Swing arm S

Swing arm unit with 6 controlled, centrally offset conveyor rakes. The strength of the swing arm comes to the fore on extreme terrains (slopes, very hilly ground). It guarantees maximum crop protection.

Rotor R

Uncontrolled cutting and conveyor rotor with helical tooth arrangement for high loading speeds, long distances and large areas. The maintenance costs are low.

Runs extremely quietly and smoothly – with high output. The teeth and scrapers are made of high-strength tempered steel. On a plane, there are 14 blades, which guarantee the best cut quality and a theoretical cut length of 11 cm with a total of 56 cutting phases per rotation. The rotor is extremely low maintenance – only 2 lubricating nipples on the main bearings.

Manure spreader ASM 2

Modelle: ASM 230, ASM 235


  • Galvanised steel parts (except for scattering roller, gearbox)
  • S 23 fine spreader with 104 shaping blades, 86 cm passage height
  • 50 cm foldable steel edge walls
  • Front spray grid
  • Rear spreader protection (can be folded up manually) galvanized with transverse lights
  • Scraper floor bridge with hydraulic drive (chain drive) cannot be combined with forage wagons
  • Scraper floor chain, 10 mm, with automated tensioning tool
  • 2 sizes (short and long wheelbase)
  • The ASM 2 is designed for all-wheel steering


  • S 23 H fine spreader (20 cm higher than S 23), 124 spreading beaters, passage height of 106 cm
  • Galvanised spreader protection, hydraulic
  • Steel profile edge walls, side 80 cm rather than 50 cm
  • 50 (80) cm rear edge wall, galvanised
  • Hydraulic retaining wall DW 80 cm stroke for S 23
  • Hydraulic retaining wall DW 100 cm stroke for S 23 H


Thanks to the forwards incline, the manure is cast out even higher and thus further. The working width/driving lane is 6 m. The secret of the GRUBER fine spreader: Up to 124 slim shaping blades (used twice) and the large covering from roller to roller crush all grit.


Massive scraper fl oor with galvanised 10 x 31 chain and 12 t breaking force. The chain wheels are made of spheroidal graphite, 6 pocket. Non-slip, rigid scraper floor rails U25x50 in special quality ST70. Automatic chain tensioner as standard.

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