The Lintrac 95 LS is equipped with the new and particularly clean Perkins Syncro level 5 engine. With its 3.6-litre capacity and 75 kW output (corresponds to 102 hp) as well as a huge torque of 430 Nm, the Lintrac 95 LS is a powerful all-round tractor for combined operations. Whether grassland, arable farming, maintenance or forestry work - its small size proves its worth in many areas. Equipped with a ZF power shift transmission from Steyr with 4-speed PTO shaft, and powerful working hydraulics from Bosch-Rexroth with axial piston pump, it can also cope with tough operations.

Key Facts

Cab Perfect all-round view

The spring-mounted cab is a comfortable workspace with perfect all-round view.

The panorama comfort cabin provides the best view on all sides. Fatigue-free working is achieved through a pleasant working climate, an air-sprung comfort seat and logically placed control elements. It is particularly important in dangerous situations to be able to find the switches and levers quickly so as to react correctly. The I.B.C. monitor serves as the central display.

Engine Perkins Syncro 904J-E36TA

102 hp power & 430 Nm: excellent torque, economical and particle-free.

The Perkins Synchro with 3.6 litres capacity delivers 75 kW / 102 hp. It offers an enormous torque of 430 Nm at 1,000 rpm with a very steep torque increase of over 40%. These characteristics ensure powerful starting behaviour on slopes and when pulling. The particulate filter achieves exhaust level 5. This is comparable with the EURO 6 emissions class applicable to cars and trucks.

Perkins high-performance unit

  • more power
  • more torque
  • more capacity
  • lower consumption
  • less exhaust
  • less noise and vibration
  • easy to maintain

Cockpit clearly organised

The cockpit in the Lintrac 95 LS is optimally matched to the ergonomics of the driver. All operating elements are divided into switching islands and discreetly illuminated. In the Lintrac the comfort steering wheel can be adjusted in height and inclination. A practical telephone tray with socket is integrated in the side console. Optionally the Lintrac 95 LS can be equipped with a HiFi audio system including integrated Bluetooth hands-free kit. Via the central information board with I.B.C. display (intelligent on-board computer), which is part of the standard equipment of the Lintrac 95 LS, a large number of functions can be displayed and operated. In addition to the main information, such as rpm, speed, control displays and time, the battery voltage is displayed as required, switched to the display of the daily operating hours or the distance covered. Key information messages can be accessed on the I.B.C. display at any time. The central information board with I.B.C. display clearly displays all vehicle information. Pressing the function button or shuttle lever switches between daily operating hours, battery voltage or fuel consumption display. The driver can activate the daytime running light function via the I.B.C. display and individually adjust the brightness of the display.

Two different engine speeds can be saved with the electronic manual throttle. So after turning around at the end of the field, the optimum working speed is quickly resumed.

Speed limiter

The ep-speed limiter stands for maximum efficiency in operating the Lintrac 95 LS. The maximum speedis therefore capped. The programmable speed range is between 1,200 and 2,300 rpm. Sensitive attachments are protected and fuel can be saved with the reduced speed.

In addition, the electronic manual throttle comes with 2 programmable buttons as standard. An example for a mower: the driver switches on the required engine speed for the attachment via a controller. When the tractor reaches the end of the field and turns, the driver presses the button with the stored engine speed. The optimum working speed is quickly resumed automatically. Via the control dial (potentiometer) the manual throttle can be used as cruise control.


ZF high-performance transmission

The Lintrac 95 LS has a ZF-Steyr power shift transmission with 16 forwared 8 reverse gears as standard. The duplex power shift with automating function (speed-matching) comes as standard. This function automatically adapts the power shift gear level during gear changes. The system also allows manual gear selection. The power shuttle can be operated via the direction lever on the steering wheel or via the optional multicontroller. The buttons for the standard comfort clutch are located on the gear lever. An optional travel ground speed PTO shaft is also available. The powerful rear PTO shaft has 4 PTO shaft speeds. The Lintrac 95 LS delivers over 80 hp on the PTO shaft. The PTO shaft starting control allows jerk-free, low wear and safe transmission of power. Three different start-up curves (light, medium, hard) can be selected. The PTO shaft is operated at the touch of a button in the cab or on the rear mud guards.

Due to the 4-speed PTO shaft the optimum PTO rotation is achieved at low engine speed. That saves fuel, spares the attachments and considerably improves the efficiency.


BOSCH Rexroth technology with Lindner know-how high-performance hydraulics

The Lintrac 95 LS has BOSCH Rexroth high-performance hydraulics and an output of 80 litres/min. The Lintrac operates with an axial piston pump, which regulates the hydraulic power steplessly from 4 to 80 l/min. The exact amount of oil required is conveyed at all times. This eliminates power losses. As standard the Lintrac 95 LS has three double-acting control modules with float position. These load-sensing control modules can be extended by up to two control modules - on request also through electrical EHS valves. All hydraulic connections are provided with high-quality hydraulic clutches. The electronic hitch control EHR in the Lintrac 95 LS is equipped with AHC. As with all Lindner vehicles, the Lintrac has a separate oil supply for the power hydraulics/steering and the transmission.

With the multicontroller the most important BOSCH hydraulic functions can be operated with one hand without having to change the grip. This guarantees safety and increases operating comfort. In the Lintrac 95 LS even the direction of travel can be changed. The multicontroller is produced in a Bosch-Rexroth special component factory in France.

The separate oil supply of the Lintrac LS works as an efficient 2-circuit system for steering and working hydraulics, as well as for transmission oil requirements. So no contaminated oil can get from the attachments into the gearbox.

Display I.B.C central information board

The central display instrument with I.B.C. display combines the clear display of pointer instruments with an intelligent digital display matrix. In the matrix, the digital drive speed, PTO speeds, time, usage time per day or working process and battery voltage and the service display are shown in a clear overview. In the 4-cylinder models the consumption calculator is also displayed. The different functions of the I.B.C display in a Lintrac LS can be operated by function buttons. The Lintrac 95 LS also features a speed selection button on the shuttle lever. The brightness of the display can be adapted to the light conditions. This means that the driver is not blinded during the night and the display can also be read off in bright sunlight. The I.B.C. central information board informs the driver about the status of the engine, transmission and hydraulics.

With the fuel consumption display in the Lintrac 95 LS, efficient driving can be trained. The driver sees which engine speed is needed to achieve optimum fuel consumption.

Front axle Incredibly manoeuvrable

As standard the Lintrac 95 LS is fitted with a Lindner high-performance front axle with 3,000 kg maximum permissible axle load. Through the steering angle of 52°, the vehicle becomes extremely manoeuvrable with a turning circle diameter of 8.0 to 9.3 m. A 4-wheel cardan brake with safety lock is optionally available. With this system, the vehicle is locked on a slope with the service brake in addition to the hand brake. This guarantees maximum safety on steep terrain, even with the engine switched off.

On request, the Lintrac 95 LS is available with a sprung front axle. The hydraulic suspension cylinders are well-protected and integrated into the axle suspension, guaranteeing the best possible driving comfort with the greatest possible ground clearance.

Front hydraulics

Optionally, the Lintrac LS can be fitted with front PTO shaft. The PTO shaft speed is 1,000 rpm. The optionally available front hydraulics with foldable lifting arms are of particularly robust design. It is characterised by a compact design in spheroidal cast iron. Integrated equipment relief is also available to protect the attachments. The EFH automatically controls the contact pressure of the attachment. Thanks to the EFH equipment relief and optimum ground adjustment of the equipment, an even mowing pattern and high forage capacity are guaranteed - and this at a considerably higher operating speed.

The reinforced Lindner tractor front hydraulic system is designed with a brace on the rear axle. An attachment plate can be fitted instead of the lifting arms. That makes winter service with snow ploughs easily possible.

Light Intelligent light

The Lintrac 95 LS is equipped with LED tail lights and daytime running lights. The light-emitting diodes are particularly energy-saving and - with over 20,000 operating hours - match the service life of the tractor. In addition, the Lintrac is equipped with extremely bright bi-halogen headlights for high beam and low beam. Powerful LED working lights are available on request. For municipal use, TracLink LED roof flashers or extremely visible LED rotating beacons and flash bars are used.

Dimensions, tyres & colour selection

Permissible total weight: 7,000 kg (up to 7,500 kg), max. rear axle load: 5,000 kg, max. front axle load: 3,000 kg (up to 3,500 kg), wheelbase: 2,280 mm, partial height: 1,770 mm
Rear tires Front tires Max. height (A) Max. width (B) Height (C) Gauge (D)
600/65 - R30 420/75 - R20 2270 mm 2557 mm 1700 mm
420/85 - R30 380/70 - R20 2112 mm 2526 mm 1640 mm
540/65 - R34 440/65 - R24 2226 mm 2575 mm 1700 mm
480/70 - R34 380/70 - R24 2194 mm 2560 mm 1700 mm
600/65 - R34 480/65 - R24 2272 mm 2606 mm 1700 mm
420/85 - R34 380/70 - R24 2171 mm 2526 mm 1700 mm
540/65 - R34 440/65 - R24 2226 mm 2575 mm 1700 mm



Used equipment

Lintrac 110

Condition class: 0

Year of construction: 2018

HP: 109

Hours of operation: 800

instead of: 134.275,- €

89.000,- €